Master Data Management:

>>Data Quality and Data Profiling
>>Metadata Management
>>Data Governance

VIRE Consulting services allow organizations to improve their information foundation via the following solutions:

Master Data Management – We deliver solutions that allow clients to capture, manage, and utilize data from a unified view by:
>>Defining master data strategy and goals
>>Integrating master data with both operational and analytical systems
>>Creating data stewardship practices

Data Quality and Data Profiling- VIRE Consulting focuses on the following core areas in promoting Data Quality:
>>Monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on the quality of information
>>Developing standards and tools for maintain data quality
>>Adhering to data modelling and database design best practices

Metadata Management- Our professionals help shape the context of data within an organization by:
>>Developing metadata strategies
>>Defining architecture and design
>>Implementing solutions to consolidate, integrate, and audit metadata

Data Governance- We promote the processes and procedures that encourage a consistent, enterprise view of an organization’s data by:
>>Creating programs consisting of a governing council, personnel, procedures, and plans to execute those policies
>>Designing standards, processes, and procedures
>>Defining controls and audits
Data Warehousing:

VIRE Consulting provided various kinds of testing services to customers worldwide:
>>Unit and Functional Testing
>>Stress and Load Testing
>>Regression Testing
>>Framework Integration Testing
>>Network Performance Testing
>>Memory Leak Testing
>>Automated and Manual Testing
>>Web Application Performance Management

We provide both automated and manual testing on most of the testing solutions as listed above. VIRE Consulting specializes in a number of testing tools and some of those include the following:
>>WinRunner/Quick Test Pro
>>Application Advantage

Before we engage in any testing solution, we develop a test plan and a testing methodology. The primary goal of the methodology will be to engage the right mix of industry standard testing practices aligned with the customer’s overall strategy to achieve maximum efficiency as well as high reliability of the testing.