VIRE Consulting specializes in Custom Application Development in several areas of technologies and business. We can develop these projects on a fixed price basis or on a time and material basis based on the type of project. We have also developed a number of projects with part of our resources being onsite, at customer location and part of them being at our offices. Some of the technology areas are:
>>Java EE Technology
>>Microsoft Solutions
>>Wireless Technology
>>Enterprise Application Integration

VIRE Consulting has been providing custom application development to various industry verticals such as Healthcare, Automotive, Energy, Marketing, Product Development Companies, Defense, and Government agencies. Our team comprises of dedicated and highly technical professionals with strong leadership skills. Our primary goal is to provide high quality and cost effective Information Technology solutions and services to meet our clients’ needs. We offer reliable software solutions with low project development time and costs, and increase the quality and predictability of profits and delivery. We also offer quality consulting services with our team of specialists in the Information Systems area and provide our clients with genuine value in achieving their business objectives.

Project Delivery Models:
VIRE Consulting has successfully developed tum key and fixed projects to our customers using various delivery models. We have used the two models listed below, either separately or in combination, to deliver projects on time and under budget and to best suit our customers needs and infrastructure. We use the onsite-offsite solutions delivery model to maximize the information exchange and seamless delivery of business solutions. The projects can be completed using the following two models:
>>Onsite-Offsite Model
>>Offsite Model

We will engage in onsite-offsite model when and if the project is large and complex and needs continuous client interaction and input on various designs and the complete SDLC process. In the Onsite-Offsite model, we will have a Project Management Team (PMO) onsite which can be comprised of one to many consultants such as project managers, architects, and more. The PMO team will them work with the offsite team at our Bingham Farms Development center to ensure the project is completed as per requirements.

In the Offsite model, the complete application development will occur at our development center in Bingham Farms, Michigan. Our project managers and technical team leads will co-ordinate the project with the customers and the development teams.

VIRE Consulting has large development centers in the US and our offices are listed in the contact us page.
IV&V / Testing Solutions:

VIRE Consulting provides various kinds of testing services to customers worldwide:
>>Unit and Functional Testing
>>Stress and Load Testing
>>Regression Testing
>>Framework Integration Testing
>>Network Performance Testing
>>Memory Leak Testing
>>Automated and Manual Testing
>>Web Application Performance Management

We provide both automated and manual testing on most of the testing solutions as listed above. VIRE Consulting specializes in a number of testing tools and some of those include the following:
>>WinRunner/Quick Test Pro
>>Application Advantage

Before we engage in any testing solution, we develop a test plan and a testing methodology. The primary goal of the methodology will be to engage the right mix of industry standard testing practices aligned with the customer’s overall strategy to achieve maximum efficiency as well as high reliability of the testing.
Creative Web Development:

VIRE Consulting provides software business solutions to clients worldwide. Our main aim is to provide high quality and cost effective business solutions and consulting services.

VIRE Consulting is an IT business and consulting company that provides full realm of website services: creative web design, hosting, maintenance, E-commerce solutions, updates and more.

VIRE Consulting also specializes in developing creative web design and Flash multimedia to name a few. VIRE Consulting features an experiences team of web consultants, creative designers, writers, programmers and marketing professionals that know how to achieve best results. Our business-driven approach separates us from typical web design companies. For the past six years, we have built a reputation for creating a positive return on investment for our clients. Strategic thinking, top designers, personal attention, competitive prices, real world results- discover the VIRE Consulting difference.

In summary, VIRE Consulting specializes in:
>>Outsourced graphic design
>>In-house web development
>>.html,.js, ,css, .xml, .xslt, .swf
>>Media-rich applications
>>Information management
>>flash expert systems for desktops and web browsers
SharePoint Development:

VIRE Consulting provides information system solutions and services for your Microsoft products. Business intelligence, business process management, custom application development, data visualization, document management, enterprise content management, infrastructure management, mobility, portal and search comprise our focus areas.

Our clients optimize their ROI utilizing the Microsoft platform. VIRE Consulting helps develop innovative solutions and provide scalable Microsoft solutions. These technologies include: Bing search environment, Biztalk, SharePoint, structured query language (SQL) Server and the NET framework. We offer software solutions which help clients manage and share information in a secure environment. Business process automation and Web-based customer service is the key to successful ROI with Microsoft programs.

Microsoft SharePoint:
-Business Intelligence
-Data Visualization
-Document Management
-Electronic Forms & Workflow
-Mobile Solutions
-Video Management
Knowledge Management:

VIRE Consulting builds solutions that enable employees, customers, and suppliers to share information and company assets in a real time environment. Specific Knowledge Management services include:
>>Automated Publishing
>>Content Management
>>Digital Asset Management
>>Business Intelligence
Legacy Systems:

VIRE Consulting has a strategic and technical consulting group focused on bringing processes and technology into line with organizational goals. Along with various web based services, VIRE Consulting also provides the following services involving a legacy system:
>>Legacy System Maintenance & Support
>>Integrating backend Legacy System with Web-based front end apps
>>Development of Mainframe Programs to run on Legacy Systems
>>Mainframe Application Testing Services

VIRE Consulting can assist the companies by performing impact analyses for the targeted process. This would be used to identify if the company needs to consider either enhancement or elimination or integration of the legacy system to other systems within the organization.
Systems Integration:

Our System Integration Solutions can help balance increasing technology complexity and the decreasing time given to deliver results. By starting with a strategic view of the Customer’s IT system and architecture, our consultants can identify opportunities to put their organization on a path toward better alignment with their enterprise strategy and critical business processes.

>>Provide seasoned industry experience on complex initiatives
>>Work to implement standards that improve the quality of the Customer’s technology systems
>>Help you achieve cost savings as appropriate through a mix of experiences on-site and lower cost off-shore development resources and Development of Mainframe Programs to run on Legacy Systems
>>Reduce project risk with our global methodology and technology assets

Benefits of VIRE Consulting’s Systems Integration solutions are:

>>Functional and Process knowledge
We have seasoned IT professionals with extensive experience addressing real industry challenges and provide solutions that deliver sustainable improvements in business processes and enterprise performance.

>>Reduced risk
Our technology experience and understanding of the business challenges can help reduce the risks involved in developing and integrating new technologies.

>>Lower cost of development and ownership
Your delivery framework and development resources can help the Customer respond more efficiently to new business mandates, while improving their ability to develop systems at a lower total cost.
helps organizations build better software by leaving manual processes behind and embracing an automated, collaborative and agile way of working. We provide training, implementation, consulting and support of Agile DevOps best practices led by respected practitioners, to help our clients ship better, more secure, software faster and with higher confidence. We build highly reliable and scalable Continuous Delivery solutions to support mission-critical applications.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

VIRE Consulting has over 11 Years of experience in providing ERP solutions to commercial and government customers. Our experience includes consulting and staff augmentation services for the following:


VIRE established a dedicated Oracle and PeopleSoft ERP practice in 2009 and is currently supporting the FAA


VIRE Consulting has been supporting PeopleSoft implementations to our customers nationwide. Our full spectrum of services include assessment, analysis, technical solutions design, testing, roll out support for financials and HR modules, version upgrade services as well as integration of the PeopleSoft suite with other third party applications.

VIRE Consulting can provide Consulting Services in functional and technical areas.

>> Functional: assessment, analysis, customization, gap and fit gap analysis,

work around process, configuration, documentation, project management

>> Techno – Functional / Technical: architecture, implementation design process,

creating application engines, develop interfaces for the new and

customized process workflow, version upgrade, production support on

24/7 basis, post production support, testing, transition and documentation support

Regardless of your specific development methodology, VIRE Consulting's consultants will adapt quickly and provide immediate value. To help you determine the specific activities that may be required at each stage, please explore the relevant work-streams below:

>> Project Management & Benefit Realization

>> Process Improvement & Organization Realignment

>> Technical Architecture Development

>> Change Management & Training

VIRE Consulting has supported various customers on consulting and staff augmentation for PeopleSoft implementations. Some of the areas of our expertise are:

>> PeopleSoft Financials

>> General Ledger (GL)

>> Accounts Payable (AP)

>> Accounts Receivables (AR)

>> Purchasing (PO)

>> Asset Management (AM)

>> Billing, Budgeting

>> ePay, eTrack, Travel & Expenses

>> PeopleSoft HRMS/HCM

>> Human Resources (HR)

>> Payroll

>> Benefits

>> Pension

>> Time and Labor

>> eRecruit

>> ePay


VIRE Consulting has a track record of success on complex projects that require significant operational, technical, and project management expertise. VIRE Consulting is a leader in end-to-end SAP R/3 consulting with expertise in SAP FICO, SAP WM, SAP SD-CRM, SAP EHS, SAP APO and SAP Enterprise Portal.

Our offerings include:

>> Consulting services in MM, PP, BW, FICO, APO and others

>> Implementation & Upgrade Services

>> Maintenance & Production Support

Data Management

Data Management is the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices, and procedures that properly manage the full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise. It compliments BI initiatives by tackling root—cause problems associated with poor data quality. By instilling a rigorous data management program, organizations can be confident sharing enterprise information across departments. VIRE Consulting provides services for the following types of data management activities:

>> Master Data Management

>> Data Quality and Data Profiling

>> Metadata Management

>> Data Governance

VIRE Consulting services allow organizations to improve their information foundation via the following solutions:

Master Data Management — We deliver solutions that allow clients to capture, manage, and utilize data from a unified view by:

>> Defining master data strategy and goals

>> Integrating master data with both operational and analytical systems

>> Creating data stewardship practices

Data Quality and Data Profiling — VIRE Consulting focuses on the following core areas in promoting Data Quality:

>> Monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on the quality of information

>> Developing standards and tools for maintaining data quality

>> Adhering to data modeling and database design best practices

Metadata Management — Our professionals help shape the context of data within an organization by:

>> Developing metadata strategies

>> Defining architecture and design

>> Implementing solutions to consolidate, integrate, and audit metadata

Data Governance — We promote the processes and procedures that encourage a consistent, enterprise view of an organization’s data by:

>> Creating programs consisting of a governing council, personnel, procedures, and plans to execute those policies

>> Designing standards, processes, and procedures

>> Defining controls and audits

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing brings silos of information together so business communities within an organization have a common view of their data. An organization's ability to capture data scattered across disparate sources and transform it into enterprise information within a data warehouse enhances business intelligence for more effective decision-making.

VIRE Consulting provides services for the following types of data warehousing activities:

>> Data Warehouse Planning

>> Data Modeling

>> Data Warehouse Build

>> Data Integration (Extract, Transform, and Load)

VIRE Consulting data warehouse solutions are customized to meet client needs for data marts, department data warehouses, and enterprise data warehouses. VIRE Consulting has expertise in building large (multi terabyte), central repositories of information that integrate data from various source systems.

VIRE Consulting utilizes its proprietary methodology, The VIRE Guide, to provide a structured, yet flexible approach to data warehousing solutions by incorporating proven best practices and lessons learned from successful implementations. In fact, the VIRE Consulting Guide which includes processes, procedures, templates, and examples, was highlighted as a best practice at recent Oracle BI and Business Objects user conferences.

Key BI Guide principles include:

>> Quick Time To Deliver — aim to provide clients a “Quick Win” (usually 90-120 days per phase) so users quickly realize benefits, which applying lessons learned in futures phases

>> User Involvement — engage the user community from the get-go and present a prototype they can “touch and see” early in the development lifecycle

>> Allow Evolving Requirements — business users can identify many requirements, but once they review and interpret data across departments, they may quickly think of additional meta-data requirements

We also incorporate best practices and tools that differentiate us from the competition:

>> Estimation Models — dynamic calculation engine that determines level of effort based upon input criteria

>> Interview Best Practices — requirements gathering tool containing over 100 questions that should be asked

>> Measures-to-Dimension Worksheet — requirements gathering tool for collecting data requirements

Financial Intelligence

CFOs, controllers, financial managers, and analysts want information today to make important decisions. Financial Intelligence allows organizations detailed financial analytical and reporting capabilities and integrated financial data with other critical operational information.

VIRE Consulting provides services for the following types of financial intelligence activities and solutions:

>> General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable Analytics and Reporting

>> Integrated financial and operational information

>> Financial Reporting, Scorecards and Dashboards

>> Cost Management

>> Profitability Management

>> XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) Integration

VIRE Consulting was formed by “Big-4” ERP consultants who specialized in implementing large-scale financial systems like Oracle, SAP, and PeopleSoft. VIRE Consulting initial roots in business intelligence were based on seeing front-line financial managers, during these deployments, spend tremendous numbers of hours collecting, massaging, and formatting financial and operational data, without ever having time to actually analyze the information. Over the years, VIRE Consulting solutions have focused on solving these critical issues.

VIRE Consulting Financial Intelligence solutions allow accurate, timely, transparent analytics and reporting, with better compliance:

>> Compare budget to plan, whole enterprise, and industry

>> Use multiple user-definable profit-and-loss statements and balance sheet formats

>> Report on key indicators and ratios like inventory, inventory turns, receivables, and days sales outstanding

>> Analyze product/service profitability and variance

>> Drill down to select specific information

>> See analytics that relate to control and auditing

>> Improve cash flow, lower costs, and increase profitability while maintaining more accurate, timely, and transparent financial reporting that helps ensure Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Strategy & Planning

Business Intelligence (BI) success requires the ability to have both a strategic and tactical understanding of business objectives. A BI Strategy starts with understanding the information that is required to make decisions from the operational manager level up to the corporate executive. The next step requires the objective ability to create an "as is - to be" roadmap that leverages any suitable existing components in a final solution. Additionally, it requires expertise in BI, data warehousing, performance management, business process, data modeling, project management, change management, and various BI tools.

VIRE Consulting provides services for the following types of Strategy & Planning activities:

>> BI Strategy Roadmap

>> BI Health Check

>> BI Tool Recommendation

>> BI Center of Excellence Creation

VIRE Consulting is a focused, niche, experienced BI firm that has helped its clients successfully leverage information across a variety of business processes and industries. VIRE Consulting business is Business Intelligence and, therefore, we have extensive practical lessons learned and best practices. Many of VIRE Consulting’s implementations start with a BI Health Check and extend to a Strategy Roadmap.

BI Strategy Roadmap —VIRE Consulting’ strategy roadmap services consists of analyzing and planning strategic BI business goals, tactical business & IT requirements, data architecture, presentation layer, and organizational culture using the following approach:

>> As-Is Assessment

>> To-Be Environment Goals and Objectives

>> Gap Analysis and Recommendation

>> Long Range BI Strategy

>> Detailed Implementation Plan

BI Health Check —VIRE Consulting examines the current status and effectiveness of your BI environment and initiatives:

>> Assess BI solution against desired business outcomes

>> Check that BI software is properly designed and configured

>> Ensure full BI toolset capabilities are being leveraged

>> Provide “Quick Win” and long-term Recommendations

BI Tool Recommendation —VIRE Consulting helps organizations minimize software selection costs in determining which technology is right for them:

>> Define Business and Technical Requirements

>> Recommend Vendor Shortlist

>> Create Prototypes

>> Advise on best fit

BI Center of Excellence Creation —VIRE Consulting provides best practices and lessons learned for clients who wish to setup competency centers focused on Business Intelligence:

>> Define vision, strategy, and analyze current environment

>> Identify required people, technologies, infrastructure, change management techniques, standards, skills, gaps, and “Quick Wins”

>> Build team, processes, procedures, and methodology

>> Deploy Center of Excellence


Successful implementation and adoption of Business Intelligence solutions requires that users quickly learn and master new and advanced software tools. Learning these tools requires in-depth knowledge from recognized experts who can effectively educate and transfer knowledge.

VIRE Consulting provides instructional services covering best practices in BI and data warehousing, including the use of specific tools through the following methods:

>> Instructor-led classes at the VIRE Consulting Training Center in the Washington, D.C. head quarters office -On-site training sessions

>> Customized training

>> Computer based training

Business Performance Management

Business Performance Management (BPM) is a set of integrated, closed-loop management and analytic processes, that buoyed by technology, support the entire business management cycle of goal-setting, modeling, planning, monitoring, analysis, and reporting.

BPM starts with understanding or defining the highest level goals of an organization. The BPM process then aligns lower, more tactical level goals with the corporate strategy. The value proposition of BPM is that corporate performance is optimized through all employees working towards a common vision and set of goals. The final step in the BPM process is being able to monitor and evaluate the goals that have been set. This often requires advanced reporting and analytical processing across many data sets, or the creation of a data warehouse or data marts. BPM solutions often require integrated systems for Planning, Budgeting and financial reporting.

VIRE Consulting provides implementation services for the following types of BPM solutions:

>> Strategic Definition

>> Planning and Forecasting

>> Financial Consolidation

>> Performance Optimization

VIRE Consulting was formed by “Big-4” ERP consultants who specialized in implementing large-scale financial systems. VIRE Consulting was aligning financial management cycles via goal-setting and analytics even before the terms Business Performance Management, Corporate Performance Management, or Enterprise Performance Management were coined.

We understand all aspects of strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, reporting, modeling, and scorecarding. In fact, VIRE Consulting’s staff includes former finance and accounting staff, many of whom are CPAs.

VIRE Consulting implements solutions that link together your processes and provide a common view of your business. The focus of our BPM solutions is to align all levels of an organization by:

>> Defining strategy — and prioritizing activities according to that strategy — to ensure operational alignment with corporate goals

>> Planning, budgeting, forecasting and allocating resources to support strategy and achieve optimal execution

>> Consolidating, monitoring, and reporting on performance outcomes for management, regulatory, and statutory purposes, while maintaining a fully documented audit trail

>> Modeling and optimizing the drivers of profitability on an ongoing basis to achieve your overall business goals

>> Enhancing operational performance through comprehensive, relevant, and flexible analytics