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Program Management & Project Services

VIRE Consulting Program Management Mantra
Enterprise Technology Standardization =
Strategic Digital Transformation =
Business Process Modernization
Evolutionary changes are occurring around the world in macroeconomics triggered by the employment of emerging technologies, such as smart machines, secure cloud services, and Internet of Things (IoT) integrated into cross-disciplinary business processes are pressuring business leaders and chief innovation officers to continually innovate and transform their operations into an enabling enterprise. Transformation initiatives for companies to continuously innovate and remain competitive in the global market place have to become more creative, automated, and inventive based on employment of sound program management (PM) and project services. The transformation through innovation is no longer a fad, but in today’s digital age has become a requirement to ‘adopt or die’ as a company. Therefore, a process-oriented approach to digital transformation and enabling technology adoption through a program governance framework has become the key to success through employment of sound program management and project practices and services. By adopting VIRE’s IT Governance Framework, organizations can assess their current state, establish transformation goals, and chart a realistic, sustainable path to effect end-to-end digital transformation from idea to reality.

Program Management

Based on VIRE’s definition, Program Management is the process of managing several related projects with the intention of improving an organization’s business and operational capability and efficiency through the related business management disciplines of strategic planning, enterprise architecture frameworks’ formulation, business process re-engineering (BPR)/engineering, business process improvement, system requirements management, technical management, systems integration, and business transformation. A program is normally established for delivering an organization’s overall business strategy and managing its transformation into the next level of business and operational excellence enabled by Information Technology (IT). Furthermore, a program is normally a group of related projects being managed in a coordinated manner to obtain the benefit of an integrated business information system that has been developed for facilitating the operations of an enabling business practice from end-to-end. In a program, program management manages the overall scope of these related and discrete projects for meeting an organization’s overall business goals and objectives outlined in its business strategy.

VIRE’s program management framework emphasizes the coordinating and prioritizing of resources across projects while managing and controlling the communications coordination across stakeholders, work scope, staffing resources, integrated master schedule/project schedules, costs, risks, quality, and implementation in support of the program.